Call for Papers & Job Opportunities – 15 maggio 2020

La Redazione di NAD aggiorna i lettori su una serie di Call for Papers per convegni e opportunità lavorative. Si invita a consultare i link di riferimento.


Job opportunities:

  1. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Terrorism and Political Violence/ Netherlands: University of Leiden/ May 19
  2. Professor of Diversity and Minorities Studies/ Netherlands: University of Groningen/ May 27
  3. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Peace and Conflict Studies/ Norway: Norwegian University of Science and Technology/ May 29
  4. Professor of Anthropology and Sociology/ USA: Kalamazoo College/ May 31
  5. Professor of Sociology/ Canada: McMaster University/ May 31
  6. Professor of Sociology, Culture, and Migration/ Germany: Goethe University Frankfurt/ Jun 10
  7. Professor of Sociology and Digitalisation/ Austria: University of Graz/ Jun 11
  8. Professor of Global Studies/ China: The Chinese University of Hong Kong/ Jun 30
  9. Professor of Anthropology of Muslim Worlds/ USA: Wesleyan University/ Oct 1
  10. Instructor in Political Science/ Remote: Baton Rouge Community College/ Open until filled
  11. Lecturer in Philosophy/ Australia: University of Adelaide/ May 19
  12. Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Medical Humanities/ Sweden: Uppsala University/ May 21
  13. Faculty Positions in Film and Media Studies/ Russia: University of Tyumen/ May 30
  14. Postdoctoral Research Positions in Rewriting Global Orthodoxy/ Netherlands: Radboud University/ Jun 1
  15. Professor of History/ Canada: Simon Fraser University/ Jun 21
  16. Professor of Medieval Middle Eastern and Mediterranean History/ Germany: University of Tübingen/ Jun 29
  17. Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Global History and Governance/ Italy: University of Naples Federico II/ Jun 30
  18. Faculty Positions in History/ USA: University of California, Berkeley/ Open until filled
  19. Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship in Philosophy/ USA: University of Nevada, Reno/ Open until filled
  20. Lecturer in Economics/ Finland: Aalto University/ Jun 15
  21. Professor of Economics/ USA: Alabama A&M University/ Jun 22
  22. Professor of Economics/ Egypt: American University in Cairo/ Open until filled
  23. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Protecting the Right to Culture of Persons with Disabilities/ Ireland: Maynooth University/ May 1
  24. Professor of Public Law/ Austria: Johannes Kepler University Linz/ Jun 17
  25. Professor of Law/ Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong/ Jun 30
  26. Professor of Law/ USA: University of La Verne/ Open until filled
  27. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Virology, Immunology, or Molecular Cell Biology/ Finland: University of Turku/ May 20
  28. Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Mathematics/ Mexico: National Autonomous University of Mexico/ May 22
  29. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Molecular Physics/ Denmark: Aarhus University/ May 28
  30. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Chemistry/ Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong/ May 29
  31. Faculty Positions in Engineering/ Canada: The University of British Columbia/ May 31
  32. Professor of Statistical Learning and Information Theory/ Germany: TU Braunschweig/ May 31
  33. Professor of Water-Climate Risk Modelling/ Netherlands: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/ Jun 1
  34. Professor of Chemistry/ USA: Hollins University/ Jun 1
  35. Instructor in Biology/ USA: Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College/ Jun 3
  36. Professor of Physics/ USA: Kentucky State University/ Open until filled
  37. Professor of Transportation Engineering/ Qatar: Qatar University/ Open until filled
  38. Professor of Aerospace Engineering/ Morocco: International University of Rabat/ Open until filled
  39. Professor of Law and Economics/ Netherlands: Tilburg University/ May 22
  40. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Genealogical Graphs in Online Communities/ USA: University of Colorado Boulder/ Jun 8
  41. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Diffusion of Gender Equity Ideas Through University and Scholarly Networks/ USA: Northeastern University/ Open until filled
  42. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Genomics and Social Inequities/ USA: National Institutes of Health/ Open until filled
  43. Faculty Positions in Humanities and Social Sciences/ India: Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar/ Open until filled
  44. Program Manager/ Remote: Mindfulness in Arabic/ May 17
  45. Program Design Advisor, Tunisia/ Remote: Democracy Reporting International/ May 20
  46. Egypt Researcher/ USA: Democracy for the Arab World Now/ May 30
  47. Policy & Advocacy Officer, IFIs and Sustainable Development/ Belgium: European Network on Debt and Development/ May 31
  48. Digital Investigator, Farsi/ Remote: Freedom House/ Open until filled
  49. Policy and Program Advisor/ USA: UN Women/ Open until filled

Study opportunities:

  1. PhD Positions in Various Disciplines/ Italy: University of Trento/ May 23
  2. PhD Positions in Life Science/ Germany: Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology/ May 24
  3. PhD Fellowships in Asian and African Studies/ Italy: Ca Foscari University of Venice/ May 27
  4. PhD Positions in Law/ Belgium: Free University of Brussels/ May 31
  5. PhD Position in Environmental Politics/ Switzerland: ETH Zurich/ May 31
  6. PhD Position in Resurgence of Customary Authority in Contemporary Democratic Republic of Congo/ Belgium: University of Antwerp/ Jun 1
  7. PhD Position in Biotechnology/ Norway: NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology/ Jun 10
  8. PhD Position in Radical Utopian Communities, Global Histories from the Margins/ Germany: LMU Munich/ Jun 30
  9. PhD Positions in Biomedicine/ Germany: University of Tübingen/ Jul 15

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