Call for Papers & Job Opportunities – 16 giugno 2020

La Redazione di NAD aggiorna i lettori su una serie di Call for Papers per convegni e opportunità lavorative. Si invita a consultare i link di riferimento.


Job opportunities:

  1. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Migration and Mobility Studies/ Norway: Norwegian University of Science and Technology/ Jun 21
  2. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Migrant Settlement and Integration/ Canada: Ryerson University/ Jun 28
  3. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Digital Mental Health/ Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong/ Jun 30
  4. Professor of Governance for Inclusive Societies/ Italy: Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies/ Jul 1
  5. Professor of Comparative Politics, Africa/ USA: Providence College/ Jul 5
  6. Professor of Sociology/ USA: Texas Southern University/ Jul 15
  7. Civil Society Scholar Awards/ Various Countries: Open Society Foundations/ Jul 22
  8. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Comparative Politics/ Norway: University of Bergen/ Aug 17
  9. Professor of Anthropology/ Sweden: Lund University/ Sep 1
  10. Professor of Political Theory/ USA: Wesleyan University/ Sep 18
  11. Professor of Science Education/ Denmark: University of Copenhagen/ Jun 25
  12. Lecturer in Philosophy/ Australia: Australian National University/ Jun 29
  13. Research Fellowships for Displaced Scholars/ Jordan: Columbia Global Centers, Amman/ Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/ Jun 30
  14. Postdoctoral Research Position in Transnational Area Studies/ Germany: University of Regensburg/ Jun 30
  15. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Architecture/ Germany: Goethe University Frankfurt/ Jul 1
  16. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Philosophy/ Germany: University of Greifswald/ Jul 3
  17. Professor of Late Ottoman History/ Canada: University of Toronto/ Jul 8
  18. Professor of African Studies/ Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong/ Jul 15
  19. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Archaeology and Ancient History/ Sweden: Lund University/ Sep 1
  20. Professor of African History/ USA: University of North Carolina at Wilmington/ Open until filled
  21. Professor of Philosophy/ USA: Loyola University/ Open until filled
  22. Postdoctoral Research Position/ Remote: South Ural State University/ Jun 19
  23. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Public Economics/ Germany: University of Marburg/ Jul 10
  24. Professor of Economics/ South Africa: University of the Witwatersrand/ Jul 14
  25. Professor of Supply Chain and Information Management/ Open until filled
  26. Postdoctoral Research Fellowships/ Netherlands: Erasmus University/ Jun 26
  27. Lecturer in Human Rights Studies/ USA: University of California, Davis/ Jul 31
  28. Professor of International Law/ Iraq: University of Kurdistan Hewlêr/ Open until filled
  29. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Plant Biotechnology/ Brazil: São Paulo Research Foundation/ Jun 22
  30. Lecturer in Applied Mathematics/ Netherlands: University of Twente/ Jun 28
  31. Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering/ Canada: University of Regina/ Jun 28
  32. Professor of Mathematics/ South Africa: University of Pretoria/ Jun 29
  33. Lecturer in Plant Biology/ Canada: Dalhousie University/ Jun 30
  34. Professor of Mathematics/ USA: University of West Alabama/ Jun 30
  35. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Electronic Engineering/ Ireland: National University of Ireland Galway/ Jul 7
  36. Professor of Polymer Technology/ Germany: Technical University of Dortmund/ Jul 8
  37. Postdoctoral Research Positions in Molecular Cancer Research/ Denmark: University of Copenhagen/ Jul 17
  38. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Developmental Neurobiology/ Belgium: UCLouvain/ Oct 1
  39. Lecturer in Geological Engineering/ Botswana: Botswana International University of Science & Technology/ Open until filled
  40. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Bioinformatics/ Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology/ Open until filled
  41. Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Chemistry/ USA: Furman University/ Open until filled
  42. Postdoctoral Research Fellowships/ Belgium: Free University of Brussels/ Sep 1
  43. Research Consultant, Education Initiatives in Low and Middle-Income Countries/ USA: Brookings Institution/ Jun 17
  44. Consultant on Intersectionality & Inclusion/ Remote: UN Women/ Jun 20
  45. Researcher on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights/ UK or Remote: Amnesty International/ Jun 21
  46. Africa Program Officer, Protecting Civic Space/ USA: Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights/ Open until filled
  47. Advisor, Mediation & Negotiation Support/ Germany: Berghof Foundation/ Open until filled

Study opportunities:

  1. PhD Position in Climate Change and Air Pollution Mitigation/ Norway: Norwegian University of Science and Technology/ Jun 23
  2. PhD Position in Global Governance of Forced Migration/ Austria: Danube University Krems/ Jun 26
  3. PhD Position in Enzyme Engineering/ Austria: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna/ Jul 9
  4. PhD Position in Evidence in International Human Rights Adjudication/ Belgium: Ghent University/ Jul 15
  5. PhD Position in Comparative Politics/ Norway: University of Bergen/ Aug 17
  6. PhD Position in Archaeology and Sustainable Development/ Sweden: Uppsala University/ Sep 15
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